Fulling Mill Down Eye Dry Hook
With its slightly larger gape for increased hooking potential and forged wire for strength, the...
Antal i lager: 9
Fulling Mill Grab Gape Barbless Black Nickel
Fulling Mill. Sproat bend, D/E, Wide gape, 3X short, Black nickel, Claw point.
Antal i lager: 27
Fulling Mill Short Shank Black Nickel Barbless
The barbless version, of our Short Shank Special Hook. Designed with a 15 percent longer point...
Antal i lager: 34
Fulling Mill Heavyweight Grub Barbless
The ultimate in barbless hooks for competition angling - a replica of our ever popular Super Grub...
Antal i lager: 8
Fulling Mill Jig Force Barbless Black Nickel
Perfect round bend, Wide Gape, 2x Heavy wire, Claw Point, 50 degree eye (To fit slotted beads)...
Antal i lager: 9
Fulling Mill Super Grub
Fulling Mill - Super Grub Fly Hooks - Continuous bend, down eye, standard shank forged, reversed.
Antal i lager: 13
Fulling Mill Competition Heavy Weight
Fulling Mill - Competition Heavyweight Fly Hooks - Sproat, down eye, 3x strong, 1x short,...
Antal i lager: 12
Fulling Mill Short Shank Special
Pack of 50 Short Shank Special Fly Hooks - Wide gape, sproat, down eye 3x short. Ideal for adult...
Antal i lager: 8
Fulling Mill Grab Gape Barbless
Sproat bend, D/E, wide gap, 3x short, claw point.
Antal i lager: 18
Fulling Mill Czech Nymph Barbless
Curved bend, D/E, Standard shank, Forged, Claw point.
Antal i lager: 4
Fulling Mill All Purpose Light hook
Micro-barbed for maximum penetration & minimum damage. Round bend, down eye, 3X fine wire, bronzed.
Antal i lager: 45
Fulling Mill All Purpose Medium hook
Sproat, down eye, standard wire, bronzed. A great compromise between fine wire and strength,...
Antal i lager: 16
Fulling Mill Living Larva hook
York bend, straight eye, 3 extra long, curved down shank, bronzed. Featuring a special York bend...
Antal i lager: 42
Fulling Mill Nymph Special hook
Round bend, forged, down eye, 2 extra long, bronzed. The 2 extra long shank is ideal for tying...
Antal i lager: 13
Fulling Mill Pike Hook
Perfect round bend for super strength and posotive hooking power, these hooks also have micro...
Antal i lager: 23
Fulling Mill super heavyweight Grub
Continuos bend, down eye, 2 extra heavy, standard shank, forged, reversed, black nickel. Made...
Antal i lager: 13
Fulling Mill Super Sedge hook
Continuous bend, up eye, standard shank, forged, reversed, bronzed.This hook is a great design to...
Antal i lager: 0
Fulling Mill Traditional Streamer
Round bend, forged, down eye, 4X long, bronzed.
Antal i lager: 5
Fulling Mill Up Eye Dry hook
Round bend,down eye, forged, 1 extra short, 2 extra fine wire, bronzed. With it's up facing eye,...
Antal i lager: 4