Tiemco TMC 100 Torrflugekrok
Tiemco's Standard dry fly hook. A slightly wider gape and increased wire strength in smaller...
Antal i lager: 2
Tiemco TMC 102Y Dry Fly
Dry Fly, D/E, 1XF, Wide gape, Forged, Black.
Antal i lager: 1
Tiemco TMC 206BL Caddis pupa
On this barbless model the shank curves gradually down towards the rear of the hook to balance...
Antal i lager: 6
Tiemco TMC 300 Streamer
Down eye, 6X long shank, 1X heavy wire, bronze, equiv. to Mustad 79580; Uses: streamers;. Pack of...
Antal i lager: 5
Tiemco TMC 5230 Dry Fly
Dry Fly. Down eye. 3XF. Perfect bend. Forged. Bronze.
Antal i lager: 1
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